How to Poison Your Spouse the Natural Way: A Guide to Safer Food

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Our food contains far more natural toxins than we realise. They are more dangerous to our health than man-made chemicals.

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Liberate yourself from the myth that "all-natural food" is harmless

    Recover from needless fears of "evil" man-made chemicals

    Become enlightened about the dangerous chemicals brewed by Mother Nature

    Learn how to protect your family's health

    Get some gruesome anecdotes to enliven the dining table

Do you know:
    the truth about MSG?

    the fish that turns men into zombies?

    how a bird poisoning sparked a Hitchcock movie?

A trustworthy guide to:

    the foods we fear -- but need not

    the foods we ought to worry about -- but don't

    separating fact from hype

    improving health and longevity

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